Privacy Policy

The following statement is the privacy policy of the blog Egusi With My Latte.

Services used by this blog.  This blog uses WordPress, Mailchimp and other products used within WordPress to host this blog and send notifications to its subscribers. This privacy statement does not extend to these companies who have their own privacy statements and terms of use. Readers are encouraged to read their privacy policies and terms of use.

Statistics collected from website visitors. The services used to host this site allows the owner of the blog to see a report of the blog audience which includes the pages, posts and links to external sites clicked by visitors, the external links visitors used to get to this blog and the countries in which visitors were located. This anonymized information is used for analytical purposes to improve this blog’s performance.

Cookies. This website and newsletter uses cookies to function and improve the readers’ experience. Cookies are used to track visitors’ use of the site and provide anonymized tracking data to third party applications like Google Analytics. Visitors who continue to use this site and newsletter imply agreement to this website’s use of cookies.

Emails. The emails collected on this website are not posted publicly. The emails  on the  blog post comments form are only used for the reader to comment on the blog and, if requested, follow comments via email. The emails collected for the Newsletter via Mailchimp and  RSS feed via WordPress are only used to send the blog updates to the readers. The emails provided for letters to the author are only used to communicate between the author and reader as required.

Opt-out. Readers may opt out of this privacy policy by unsubscribing from the newsletter and cease visits to the website.

Updates. This privacy policy may be updated without special announcement.

Update Posted June 1, 2020.