About This Blog

Egusi With My Latte is a lifestyle blog. I originally wanted to just focus on culture and travel but I have found that I wanted to write about other things that interest me such as reviews from books I have read, my new knitting hobby and a couple of notes about life and adulting. So this blog will go through some changes but I currently plan to write blog posts about interesting destinations, cultural intersections,  reviews of a few good books, notes from my cooking & attempts at knitting.

A Little About Me

The name Egusi With My Latte reflects my experience of growing up in America with West African roots. I was born and raised in California so you may see some posts with explorations in the cities and towns of this state.  I enjoy blogging but I also like my profession. So I write these posts in my spare time.

A few years ago I began to look into methods that would allow me to work hard and enjoy my life. I read more books, visited friends, explored parts of my home state and ending up moving to a new city.  I hope to share some stories and a few tips with you on this blog. To stay up to date, you can subscribe to the blog on the homepage. 

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