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Egusi With My Latte is a lifestyle blog with a focus on style, culture and travel. It’s purpose is to inspire readers to enjoy life & cultures, curate their own style and explore the world around them.  It’s for the professional woman, who wants to enjoy the fruit of her hard work without quitting her day job.  This site will have information about interesting destinations and fashion gems for the sophisticated wardrobe. I also plan to write blog posts about culture which includes my favorites in arts and literature as well as stories from various cultural intersections.

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A Little About Me

The name Egusi With My Latte reflects my experience of growing up in America with West African roots. I was born and raised in California so you may see some posts with explorations in the cities and towns of this state.  I enjoy blogging but I also like my profession. So I write these posts in my spare time.

A few years ago I began to look into methods that would allow me to work hard and enjoy my life. I read more books, visited friends, explored parts of my home state and ending up moving to a new city.  Additionally, I started to create an updated wardrobe that properly reflects my style so I will have things to wear to these new expeditions.  The tips acquired from these experiences will be provided on this blog.

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