Winter, Water & Wind

It’s raining in California. Hopefully these storm systems will bring the mountain snow needed to provide penalty of fresh water in the spring. The rain over the last few weeks has been a little different. I’m used to rain that falls in sprinkles like water from a gardener’s watering can. This rain at times falls like buckets of water tumbling in from the ocean like a pack of elephant seals.

The wind seems to come in full force whenever it rains in San Francisco and this makes small umbrellas obsolete. On days like these it’s common to see people on the street struggling as the air effortlessly turns their umbrellas inside out. Some give up and just fold up their umbrellas, resining themselves to soggy hair and a waterlogged coat.

On rainy days, people in San Francisco carry on and find ways to enjoy themselves indoors. I realized this during a recent trip to the SFMOMA ( San Francisco Modern Museum of Art) one rainy day. I went there thinking that the museum would be half empty since few would bother to go to the museum in the rain. Upon arrival I was met with a line for coat check, a line to purchase tickets and 3rd line to enter the exhibition! Oh well. I still enjoyed myself anyway.

Reads from the Web*

Here are a few things to read on your next coffee break.

“Warm Molasses Bread … and Love on Freeman Beach” from Southern Soufflé. I like reading the stories behind the recipes presented on this site. Its narration gives depth and significance to the food presented while drawing the reader in like stories from elders at the dinner table.

“Lagos, City of Hustle, Builds an Art ‘Ecosystem'” from the New York Times. I have noticed a couple of stories published about Lagos in this paper lately. This one is about the arts scene in this bustling Nigerian metropolis.

“Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Review: 7 Things That Blew Me Away” by Twins That Travel. The bloggers share their experience of being upgraded to First Class on a Virgin flight. I never flew on Virgin America before it was sold to Alaska Air in 2016 so its nice to see their experience.

“If You Travel Somewhere and End Up Hating It, Here’s What To Do” by The Blog Abroad. Useful tips from a well traveled blogger on how to make the most of this situation.

*I’m not affiliated with these websites. I just like the articles.