Sweaters for the Fall & Winter 2018

I love shopping in the fall. That is the season for sweaters, jackets, boots and outerwear go on sale in the stores.  In Southern California the summer weather doesn’t begin to cool until about October or November.  So I didn’t really think about buying sweaters until around December, long after most people in the States have purchased most of their winter clothing. I’d find myself searching through clothing racks picked clean of the cute sweaters I wanted.  Well, the racks wouldn’t be completely empty.  A few stylist XXS sweaters would be left behind. It was as if the sales clerks wanted to make sure I saw what could have been had I made my purchases sooner.

Embellished Pullover Sweater
Embellished Pullover Sweater Gray. A New Day, Target.

Northern California gets colder in the winter. It’s certainly not as cold Chicago or New York but to me 50 degrees (F) is cold.  This has forced me to start thinking about sweaters earlier in the season and I have been able to take advantage of the sales. (Back to School in late August/September followed by about 2 months of holiday sales)

I tend to purchase more sweaters since moving to San Francisco (SF).  It’s geographical location has some interesting weather. It can be foggy on most days, including in the summer months when the temperature averages in the high 60’s.  So if you plan to visit this city in summer you really should bring a jacket!  Designers bring out the best sweaters and outerwear during the fall season.  If you live in SF it’s good to stock up the these items now so you can have something to wear during the late Spring & Summer.

Sweater Shopping Haul

The clothing in this shopping haul are mostly from Target.  Admittedly I really didn’t plan to buy these items when I went into the store but like most people I just wanted to take advantage of a good bargain.  I did some purposeful shopping at Old Navy, which often has good sales and at it’s sister store the Gap.  (Although I don’t have any photos of the Gap sweaters yet since I got those online.) The items in this haul with the store links are shown in the photos.


Striped Long Sleeve Cozy Crewneck Sweater |Cocoon Open Layering Cardigan |Cowl-Neck Pullover Sweater
  • Slouchy- Garter Stitch Turtleneck  — It’s a good basic light sweater that good for layering. The simple design prevents it from looking too plain while allowing for flexibility to wear in various outfits.
  • Cowl- Neck Pullover Sweater — A nice sweater in a hunky knit.  It fits like a tunic and is a good to wear for Thanksgiving or casual Christmas parties.
  • Embellished Pullover Sweater — The jewels on this sweater are just in time for the holidays but this can still be worn well after December.
  • Striped Long Sleeve Cozy Crewneck Sweater — This is one of my favorites. It’s a lose fitting sweater with bishop sleeves. This is great with a nice pair of jeans or slim fitted slacks.
  • Cocoon Open Layering Cardigan — This is essentially a knitted shawl with sleeves. This will come in handy for layering during summer trips. I can throw it on while traveling through SFO and put in in my carry-on when I’ve arrived at my warmer destination.
  • Long Bishop-Sleeve Shaker Stitch Tunic Sweater — This is a “mock neck” sweater which is a turtleneck with less fabric allowing one to notice the tailoring in the shoulders.  I got it in a size that makes it fit like an oversized sweater. That works since the detail in the sleeve gives it a polished look. So I can be comfortable without looking dowdy which makes it good for traveling.
  • Long Sleeve Belted Sweater Dress —  Sweater dresses are “in” this season. This one also has a mock neck and can be dressed up or down with accessories.


Long-Sleeve Belted Sweater Dress |Slouchy Garter- Stitch Turtleneck |Long Bishop-Sleeve Shaker Stitch Tunic Sweater

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