Murals At the Transit Center

I went to the opening of the new Transbay Terminal in San Francisco (SF) last August. This opening was a major event for the residents of the city since SF had been working on replacing the old Transbay Terminal for years. Hundreds of visitors came to see the new building, now renamed Salesforce Transit Center, on the Saturday it opened. When I arrived there was a long line to get to the park on the 3rd floor. It extended from the elevators inside the lobby and wrapped around the block. 😩 I didn’t have the patience to wait in that kind of a line so I came back in the following day.

SF Transit Center Park, Opening Weekend

On opening day I did get a chance to take pictures of the murals on the sides of the building. Some of the artists where still painting their murals opening weekend so you may see some of them working in the pictures.

Mural at Salesforce Transit Center

Mural at SF Transit Center

SF Transit Center, opening weekend
This is the outside of the terminal (on the left). This lattice facade extends around the whole building. The length of the Transit Center is about 3 city blocks so there is plenty of space to paint murals. If you look closely you can see a few trees in the rooftop park.


There are additional murals but I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of them. I think all of them were lovely and I liked how each artist brought their own style to the space.  Writing this post now is a little bittersweet after recent events. As you may have read in the news, cracks were discovered in the steel beams supporting the weight of the building, so the terminal is currently closed for repairs.  I am thankful that this was discovered before an catastrophe occurred.  These kind of things remind me to thank God for the things I am able to enjoy now and to thank Him for protection against the dangers unseen. Still, the Transit Center is beautiful space. Hopefully it will become safe enough to reopen.