Drive to Monterey Bay

On a spring morning in downtown San Francisco I was waiting for the bus.  I had signed up for a bus tour to the Monterey Peninsula located on the Northern California coastline, about two hours south of San Francisco. It was cold that day –which is typical  for the weather along the Nor Cal coast — but I was wrapped comfortably in my coat as I walked to a nearby coffee shop to get a latte before departure.  As I returned more tourists had arrived creating adequate audience for our tour guide who would drive us to the Monterey Bay.


The tour route took us along highway 1, a scenic road along the shores of the Pacific Ocean with breathtaking views of sandy & rocky beaches. The guide stopped at a few scenic sites so I was able to take a few pictures.  One of the best stops along highway one was the Pigeon Point Lighthouse, which is a state park in the town of Pescadero.

The bus arrived in Monterey around noon and some of the tourists visited the Monterey Aquarium. I wanted to take a few pictures so I used the free time to have lunch and explore this historic town. It had a large fish canning industry in the early 1900’s. Tourism increased after sardine packing collapsed which lead to the mix stores and shops seen today.

After Monterey the bus took us on a tour of the 17 mile drive, a popular scenic route that runs through the Pacific Grove to the famous Pebble Beach.

Seal Rock on the 17-mile drive.

After this the bus drove on to Carmel by the Sea but I didn’t see the famous beach since I felt like I didn’t have enough time to see it before the bus was scheduled to leave.  ( The town has designated parking for tour buses some distance from the beach).  I did do a little bit of shopping in some of the boutiques in the town before heading back to San Francisco. The whole trip took about 10 hours and I got to learn a bit more about the Northern Cali coastline. I definitely have new places to add to my travel list. I would like to walk along the beaches of the state parks along highway 1 and visit some of the historical sites like Hearst Castle or the Missions in Monterey Bay.